Lemur Template for Organized Trio

  • Just have been doing more building than anything. Finished another template for Lemur. This one is for one of my favorite free VSTs, a Hammond Organ vst Organized Trio. http://www.genuinesoundware.com/?a=showproduct&b=37


    Took most of the time working on drawbars and preset stuff. Still would like to figure how to set the drawbars and everything else neatly but things don't seem to work between containers.

    Anyone with a request for a template, let me know. Likely have to be free vsts though. I'm going to make a couple more of these for a couple other vsts I have and put them together with the Minimoog one I made and Macciza's LeMonArc template for some multipage controller madness!

  • ...and if anyone has a commercial VST they'd like supported, I imagine the cost of purchasing Shimoda a license would go a long way towards you having a cool lemur template for it.

    (hey, if you produce a non-free VST, that's free publicity)

    Just sayin'.

  • what GTZ said!

    (thanks for the thoughts) I'm not sure it shows but I spent about 9 hours on the OT template and probably 12 on the minimoog one. Trying to help the community. I'm going to make one for the free Arppe2600 (another good old synth vst). I'd definitely put some time into one with loaded presets and the works for any authorized type vsts.

    I was playing with the moog one with my setup the other day and went back to audition the OT organ plugin for old time's sake. Even though my MPK61 has eight faders (and I just bought a nanokontrol) I thought it would be really cool to have a dedicated interface for the hammond where I would have access to drawbars. When this is all done, I'll have probably eight interfaces in one where I can switch between two computers and 4 or 5 of my favorite vsts as well as an extra monome 64/128/256 grid and set of arc 4 knobs or two.

    Now it's time for liine to add a ring encoder object.

  • @shimoda You're a machine! Thanks for these.

    I've actually never tried Organized Trio but I will now :)

    A few of the TAL plugins might be some good free ones to write a template for.

    I'm new to writing controller templates and would like to start some, what is the process for identifying which values the plugin is actually expecting?

    I'd love to start to work on a Lemur iPad template for Aalto if it doesn't already exist.

  • @emergency, yeah I just downloaded those and will definitely be making one for the NoiseMaker.

    If I had Aalto I would make one for it. For many of them a controller channel listing is usually in a txt file or otherwise. Others use a learn feature so you just have to make sure that the controls send to the proper channels, etc.

    My first several attempts were like popped balloon s that didn't even make it to the ceiling. The Minimoog offering really was just the impetus. Besides that I'd like to make really nice templates. My focus is on usability and keeping the panels as much as possible. It will make the Arppe a bit difficult. Even though the screen technically would fit the lemur, controls would be too hard to actually use on screen so I'll probably use tabbed containers. The NoiseMaker should be pretty straightforward though.

    By the way, not to keep you from starting, and I don't even have the darn thing but I downloaded a demo of Aalto, so maybe I'll make that one since so many Mac users and members here like it.

    EDIT: I'll take a crack at Aalto, though I'm not sure it will matter, it appears that it relies on the midi learn feature of a DAW or using a one change at a time through what they refer to as 'flexible' approach. I.e. you have to route your controller knob by knob changing a patch cord each time, I think. I will look into it though.

  • ^^ Ahh, bummer. it may be the same situation I found recently with Geist. There's no predefined mappings so people have made controllers for it, but you have to also give the VST a "configuration file" which defines your mappings. In this case, I read that FXpansion plans to remedy this in a future version by adding defaults so controllers can work out of the box.