Issue with sending bpm info over midi (live > max)


    this is the patch I'm working with, and I cannot figure out why I can't receive any information. I feel like I've tried every derivative of options.

    I'm trying to plan something at the end of the month with me controlling projected video for a DJ, and having my tempo locked with his would be great, but the fact that I can't even lock tempo with my version of Live is worrying.

    If anyone could donate their time and write a stepped out process of how they get this patch working on their system, that would be really rad.

    (sidenote: in the end, if this works, I'm going to use ipMIDI to send midi data over ethernet, since his interface doesn't have a MIDI out.)

    (Also on another side note, the following attachment, does work for me in receiving data from ableton when dsp is in rewire)