Another Lemur template

  • Okay so I have now spent about three straight days on this one. Some of you might be familiar with the MiniMogueVA VST from gunnare. It's been around for years and I think it's a pretty nice analog emulator, especially when coupled with some nice effects in a DAW. While I realize this is still a monome forum, all the Max stuff, and building around here got me into making Lemur templates finally. I think I'll actually use them as well :P

    Anyways, I recently made the MinimoogVOriginal template and the Organized Trio template. I offer up my latest and hope that some of the new Lemur features coming out in the near future (don't know what they are) will help me to add/modify these to make them even better. Layout might not be the best but what I didn't do on the first template for Arturia's free one-day offering I did here (and will add to that template for re-release soon).

    What I did was to actually use the features of Lemur to make using these instruments easier/more effective/efficient. x-y pads, multiballs, faders, physics, and accelerometer use all have some play here.

    I'll be getting into more advanced mathematics and hopefully adding embedded LFOs to these templates but think I will start using them.

    One thing anyone can do is string these together by copying the whole interface to a module in their library and pasting the things together.


  • This one looks great. Another friggen VST I didn't know about.