favorite 128 apps?

  • what is yourrrrrr fave app for 128. I cant express my joy with 16 steps for mlr..... what else is pimp!


  • how about a 128 version of balron?

  • anything stretta

  • I am developing a note surface for 128 that supports tilt control and *a playing technique* of guitar/bass, plus a built-in looper.

    It is almost done, I've developed it on a 40h. Anyway it will wait until I get my hands on a 128 to make the final adjustments.

  • trails is !!!!! just gettin on soyuz and stretta apps are already in the mix! ...thanks guys!!

    i want what you are talking about Zilaihong! sounds wonderfull!

    Anyone know how to change the orientation for an app like bitrain or something?

  • partyvan / mash

  • OMG!!!! you just blew my mind...... im bout to get freaky splitin this into 2 apps!!! whats the best way to split?

  • pages is what i have used since switching from monome serial
    pages will possibly be a good friend as well

    also i have never used griddle but i have heard it would work as well

  • Once you've got splitting down, add "raptor" to the mix.

    (I think that one's still 8x8 only)

  • i can't find it right now but

    fret + strum
    is great fun
    here is a topic about it http://post.monome.org/comments.php?DiscussionID=8400

    the linksy seems to be broken though

  • those are me. not really 128-specific, but a nice add-on to MIDI note apps.

    umm, broken link? checking. brb.


    I did not think anyone was still using those, btw. I've been meaning to revisit them myself. (I'm planning an update when QuNeo ships. And another when the second batch of Soundplanes do. So bummed I can't even order one of those yet.)