monome serial on the new walnut 128 issue

  • When i connect my gs 64 via monome serial.... no probz

    however i cannot get the new 128 walnut to connect...

    Id love to get tilt on the gs and mlr on the walnut!

  • Why are you not using serialosc?

  • If you're on OS X, make sure to download the latest serialosc here:

    Tilt doesn't work on the new edition with serialosc 1.0!

  • i was trying to using monomeserial cause it has been the only way i can get tilt to work......

  • @NICE-ICLES: yeah, you can't use monomeserial on the last couple of editions. they're serialosc only.


    not quite. tilt actually works perfectly fine with serialosc 1.0; it's just that some old apps still haven't been ported to use the newer OSC protocol.

    the popular patches written by stretta were made with an old, incomplete version of the protocol. newer apps should send and receive the proper /tilt messages.

  • i'm updating some tilt patches as the new tilt sensors have way more range and are 3-axis, not two.

  • Oh, I was refering to the fact that my 2009 64 registered tilt on the app MonomeTest 1.2 with serialosc 1.0 while the new 128 didn't.

    @tehn: 3-axis? OMG

  • make sure you have the newest serialosc-- tilt was added for the newest devices in 1.1