I met Miller Puckette yesterday

  • He is visiting Australia at the moment and kindly spent an afternoon with the "Melbourne Patching Circle" & friends at Media Labs Melbourne, talking about pure data, max/msp, his current projects, playing his guitar and modifying it's sounds using a custom pd patch and generally being a very interesting and friendly guy.
    I mentioned I discovered pure data and max through my explorations with the monome and he smiled gently and recalled Brian/tehn once took a class of his.

    600 x 464 - 52K
    600 x 399 - 32K
    600 x 420 - 62K
  • Very cool! I saw that he was there via XY01 because I guess he did a demo of Splash there? Always cool to meet an idol!!

  • I met Brad (XY01) - he had this great demo of Splash hooked up (I think) with/through Kinectar (Chris Vik's thang), very interesting audio & trippy 3D stuff being dynamically controlled by body movements in front of a kinekt
    - lots of people spent a lot of time in front of that installation! I don't know Brad or Chris personally, but they were very friendly and happy to explain/demonstrate their stuff.

    Miller (or Mr. Puckette I should say, as I only just met him & for a short time) was a very friendly, informative and thoughtful guy. He struck me as being a bit shy and very modest and un-assuming.