Walnut 128 wont show in serialosc

  • Sorry if this has been brought up but my 128 will not show up in any serialosc apps, inculding test and monomeserialbridge.

    However, i can get it detected by pages via serial osc as a "unknown monome" or something strange. But no apps work and doesnt recieve led confirmation when being "added" in Pages.

    I am in seattle and have some shows coming up any help is greatly appreciated!!


  • the update really is just to add tilt support.

    these new devices should work identically to older ones. they require serialosc.

    also i thought you had this working earlier?

  • I am on mac and Oh yeah.... It was working flawlessly but all the sudden nothing.. I literally was using mlr. Shutdown my computer, flew to seattle got off the plane, no longer is it in serial osc. im guessing its something with max.

    Serial osc has to be used in max 6 right, like monomeserial bridge? Sorry if this is a stupid question, but in the past i have to use max 6 for all serialosc apps.

    Thanks guys

  • max6 should be good, yes.

    use monome test for testing.

    open a terminal, type

    ls -lrt /dev

    and look for a tty.usbserial-m0000020


  • yeah i can get it to show up with that command.... on an update i can get pages to connect. led conformation and clip launcher good to go. but will not show up in max? ive done a reinstall of max 6. still workin on it!

    again thanks

  • install the full version of max. do you have errors in the max window? are the zeroconf externals in the right place?