Lemur Template for Ableton's Analog

  • Here's my latest template, full blown for Ableton's Analog instrument. Controls are split across two channels because there are SO MANY of them. Will be working on a template for Synth1 (free VST) and Arppe2600 (also free) next.

    Also considering making my own Max sequencer for some programming practice.

    Also managed to actually spend time futzing with these things and my joystick patch for some sounds which will be forthcoming. Must get those samples uploaded!!



  • Crazy.

    Hope you don't mind, I just shared your link w/ the Ableton Live Los Angeles facebook group.

    I haven't delved far enough into the Analog controller. Had no idea it was so deep...

  • This looks fantastic! Have you thought of making a template for Aalto, the Madronna labs synth? It is by far the best software synth I have ever used and the demo is free forever, but in demo mode it plays a wash of white noise every 60 seconds and patches don't save. Idk if this is possible, (GTZ always tells me everything is possible) but if there was a way to physically patch the modules together with Aalto with Lemur, I would be a happy camper.

  • I've already looked into this, but apparently Aalto has no CC control system as of yet. Even though I don't own the plugin I would gladly make a template when the CC system is available.

    @GTZ, sweet, the more the merrier, 13 people have already downloaded. I made it because I paid all that cash for Ableton and haven't really delved into its own instruments. I have been playing heavily with free VSTs though as you can tell. Lots out there, especially when coupled with good effects from any DAW.

    I'll be working on Synth1 and Arppe next.

    BTW, I will do some tinkering with Aalto, if it's possible, I'll do it. Currently putting together some generic modules. Bout time I delved into really working with Max4Live, but not sure I want that headache right now. Would be nice for autofocus though. Will be sharing more as I create. Remember GTZ, it's almost all your fault... :P

    DAMN! still need to do samples!

  • Aalto's a challenge.

    I thought it accepted OSC commands on top of whatever MIDI implementation there is, but can't find any evidence of that in the manuals. What we've seen of the Soundplane edition, though... that isn't MIDI. At least, it's not traditional 0-127 MIDI. Waaay too much resolution for that.

    Anyway, what you can do depends a lot on what's exposed for external manipulation. If they let you re-patch things over OSC, we can write a lemur template (and/or max patch) to facilitate that.

    Failing this.. we can give the max runtime control over your mouse and issue drag-and-drop commands based on lemur interactions. It wouldn't be easy to build, and a lot could go wrong in your setup. But, we can't say it's impossible. =)

  • i kind of wish i had lemur as i always enjoyed this ableton live instrument

    i was looking at v control pro's "v-window" feature
    which could control aalto very well it seems

    for the price i would rather just get lemur for the ipad but what i want mostly is to be able to control aalto. randy (of madrona labs) is working towards some kind of patching addressability through osc i believe...

    i have a very messy unfinished max patch which implements a couple fun thing in aalto

    single slider control over all 16 seq steps which can be controlled by a highly randomizable separate step sequencer

    randomization for seq steps (as well as all on/off), and values

    a large [matrixctrl] which will patch into any of the 124 (i think thats the number) parameters, so far it is just 10 (http://cycling74.com/toolbox/xy-markov-player/) of these guys that will eventually be controlled by ten little indians by way of a soundplane

    a module that will be put into the input side of the matrixctrl which accepts an endless encoder as an input (again there is another sequencer which can control this) which will cycle through 4 sliders with user defined curves (invert, as well as dials which change simultaneously the start/end points for each slider pair)

    a step sequencer for midi input (including aftertouch, velocity, and "mod")

    i have been thinking about adding a S&H module into the patch matrix who had open sample in, sample rate in, and output

    im sure there is some other stuff i am forgetting as i haven't touched it for about a week.

  • V-Control's v-window feature...

    I haven't seen this before, but it looks like a very localized VNC client. Meaning, it screen-captures one window or panel at a time and gives you basic mouse control over that area?

    There's nothing specifically wrong with the technique. Using only part of your screen in this way reduces latency, and feels more natural on the iPad. And there's no mapping individual controls required, which is nice.

    This could especially handy with max for live (and potentially the max runtime without live), adjusting the configuration parameters of your monome app without having to look so obviously at a laptop screen or reach for a mouse.

    What bothers me: it is just standard mouse control. It's sort of telling that in demo videos, the v-window user never touches more than one control at a time. That's not what we bought iPads to do.

    But, yes. Aalto would be especially well suited for that, because the controls are all present in one window.

  • Looking at V-Control I can't see spending more on these things. IF I had two iPads, maybe, but the APC-20 does what this will do fine and I already own it. The V-Window feature is great. Now if Lemur would release a feature like THAT!!! At any rate, it isn't really customized for Live yet and as that is what I paid for, no go just yet.

    The V-Window feature is the really useful thing. It's a slick interface and nice looking. That is for sure. One thing about Lemur and TouchOSC and Touchable is that they are lacking in some ways graphically, but that comes second to functionality.

    I just finished making a base template called Modulus that contains 8 pages of fully customizable x-y pads (physics employable per pad/midi channel and cc, etc.) along with four pages each of similarly customizable faders and knobs.

    Lemur is supposed to be coming out with some new features, but who knows when. Rotary encoders with haptic feedback or led rings or more customizable leds would be great.

    Back to Aalto, I have no real grasp of OSC yet, but figure I can learn that as well, if Aalto works that way, maybe I can figure it out. Anyone wanna help me with a license... (LOL)

  • I don't see the lemur app adding haptic feedback until Apple does a serious revamp on their hardware. (you may have meant a different word than "haptic"?)

    I haven't had any time to play with multi-line scripting yet, but it seems like a lot of what Liine might be adding as new features are already possible through that. Making it easier isn't a bad thing, though.

  • Yes, I didn't mean haptic, just decoupled actually.

    Multi-Line scripting does allow lots of possibilities. One of the benefits of Lemur is that it not only allows two way communication for regular MIDI and OSc messages, but the scripting/algorhytmic/mathematical/physics possibilities are pretty awesome. Not to mention some degree of on-the-fly adjustment. I'm tweaking the final Modulus template. It will have switchable pads/knobs/faders/x-y pads (physics available on the x-y) where each section will be assignable (MIDI) by both Channel and individual CC. I haven't added varied CC ranges, though that is a thought as well for future changes.