Serialosc losing connectivity? (no LED feedback after a while)

  • I've had the weirdest thing happen in the last few rehearsals. If I'm not using the monome/arc for like 15+ minutes or so, when I go back to using it again I've lost LED feedback. I can still send messages, but I don't see anything.

    I need to hit 'connect' again for it to work.

    I've left it running (with caffeine so it doesn't fall asleep) for hours in the past (between soundcheck and performance) and I've never had this happen. Now it happens two days in a row (got a big festival performance tomorrow too).

    Anyone have something like this happen?

  • Is this happening with all apps? or have you modified the bpatcher?

  • I only use one app (the party van).

  • It had never happened to me before (once connected it stays connected) so happening two times in a row isn't great.

    Wi-fi was turned on, but no activity as far as I know. I wasn't using any OSC stuff, but I'd sometimes need that on.

    I try to be real systematic (I plug everything in, soundcard, monomes, controllers etc..., then reboot computer, then open max, etc...).

    I'm in the process of setting up a 'performance' user account so when I'm gonna perform, I boot up in that mode and it has all the settings I want, and auto loads max. I want to deal with the computer as little as possible when performing.

  • ay man...
    if you figure anything out on this, please give a shout....
    i have the same problem...
    im running pages, and everytime i switch ableton sessions, i lose all LED activity...
    only thing that works is to restart pages....
    pretty weird...
    i dunno

  • I'd love to be able to figure out how to have windows autoboot into Ableton, loading a specific set and start a few max patches. Could probably be done pretty easily, but I think I'd still have a monitor to be sure.

    As for working as much without mouse and screen, I still have the music to make. I've had this thing happen with serialosc as well, but only once or twice and I'm not sure if it has something to do with my arduinomes or not.

  • I'm wondering if setting up a super slow 'ping' type thing where it sends a generic serialosc message every 5minutes regardless of activity, to keep the wheels greased would help.

  • Strange I've never experienced this, are you guys all mac users?

  • Edison is windows I think.

  • From what he's (edison) saying he's having the problem when he's opening different ableton sets. Mine is just sitting there willy nilly.

    Without really understanding zeroconf stuff, is there a downside to just banging 'connect' every 10 minutes or so? would it choke out messages that are happening at that moment?

  • this is a bizarre situation. it seems as if serialosc is getting some sort of signal from elsewhere, which i know is unlikely. i can enable some sort of logging for serialosc which may help track down the problem.

    on my side, i've left a serialosc patch running for over 24 hours with no problems, but that doesn't help much.

  • Nice, I'll take a look when I get home. Mine isn't stock and uses static ports too but it can probably be improved. (Mine also has static serial number and devices since I only have/use what I have)

  • That does look pretty thoroughly notated.

    It would great if with a fixed system (same monome gear and ports) that you wouldn't need a connect at all. That data would either come or it wouldn't (and either be sent, or not).

  • edison! send me your config file and i'll see if i can fix it..
    dinchak at gmail

  • I'm having this same issue. Any solution?

  • what's your software setup?

  • osx 10.9.4
    max 5.1.9
    this problem has occurred a few times recently with pages 2 + mlr_cyst or pages 2 + molar vst, but its happened with other setups too.

  • this is a complicated setup-- something in there is redirecting the port. was this an issue specifically with pages at some point?