New MacBook Pro - PartyVan Issue - SOLVED :-)

  • **edited with solution for others with this problem**:

    If you have a new ivy-bridge processor MacBook Pro (doesn't matter if it is Retina display or not, mine wasn't) and are having problems running Rodrigo's excellent **Party Van** i.e. Max crashing - please see this link for fix:

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    Thanks to RajaTheResidentGenius for finding the solution for me & thanks to Rodrigo for the Party Van and thanks to the whole monome community for being amazing. Group Hugs All Round!

  • The same thing just happened to me... PV worked on this MBP before so it's not likely anything to do with my processor (2.7GHz i7, 4GB 1333MHz, 10.7.4, Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MB), Max 6 RT or Max 5.

    I've now got PV open by opening Max 6 RT first, and then opening PV... But this never happened before so I'm wondering if any recent software updates from Apple may have messed up permissions or something along those lines.

    Edit: PS. I know my post isn't really much help but, just in case, I want to make it perfectly clear, artpunk, that I have enough trouble with my own kids without taking your daughter under my wing. But thanks for the offer :)

  • Does this only happen when you try to open Party Van? Can you open other patches without Max crashing?

  • For me I can open other patches with no problem. And PV seems to have settled down now also... I may have just had a one-off glitch.

  • I think since v2 there's been gen stuff in there, so it might be that stuff.

    Sorry I can't be more helpful, as I have no way of testing whatever's happening.

  • Thanks for the replies guys. My apologies, I forgot to specify I have a non-retina MBP - it does have the hi-res anti-glare screen however.
    @dm483 - thanks for the suggestion, I tried opening Max first, then Party, but no luck unfortunately, it just crashes straight away.
    @atari5200 - all my other patches are opening fine, it seems isolated to the Party Van at the moment.

    @Raja - thanks for the link! **That did the trick!!!** - My 1st born is yours to command! (//Good luck with that one!//) - seriously Raja, thank you so much. I have also bookmarked the Cycling '74 forums, my apologies to all for not thinking of looking there in the first place! (to be fair, I //did// actually check the Cycling '74 forums 10 days ago when my problem first appeared, but the fix wasn't up then, it was my oversight not to check again)

    Finally - @Rodrigo - thanks again for your fantastic patch. Now I am off to do a happy Party Van dance!

    This community rocks!

  • Raja, yes, it is a leap of faith isn't it? I upgrade so rarely, I forget how problematic it can sometimes be!
    ...and re: my firstborn - LOL, once again, your wisdom shines through!