off-topic - any riders around?

  • Today was my 39th birthday and I got my first new bike in about 23 years and the best I've ever had today, a Bianchi Imola, too beautiful to describe.

    Also put the age-old Brooks B-17 saddle onboard. Wondering if any monomers out there also ride?

  • In June I started to ride my bike almost everyday, but for some reason this month I've been rained out. Feels like winter. Now everytime I have to take the Metro I feel a little dead.

  • Used to ride BMX. Plan on getting into it again once I can afford a nice bike. Any BMXers on the boards?

  • rivendell makes amazing bicycles.

  • not a rider ... but happy birthday ! :)

  • I have seen their stuff before. Been a while though.

  • +1 for rivendell. i live right next door and ride one everywhere. i tour and camp quite a bit with a bicycle and put photos online at

  • Happy belated birthday, shimoda. Nice ride. Is that the color you got?

    I wouldn't call myself a rider but I own a rather beat up bottom of the range Raleigh mountain bike and ride when I can, either to commute to work or to blow the psychic cobwebs out. But the bike has issues since it, and I, got t-boned by a Crown Victoria. It would take more to fix it than it cost new so it's been languishing in the shed. I blew up the tires today and took it for a spin... It's not doing so well. Really need to get a new bike.

    My only real attempt at BMX was a self built bike that I bought cheap wheels for and then discovered, when they crumpled beneath me after jumping a staircase, that the one thing you shouldn't cheap out on on BMXs is the wheels. It was an experiment to see if I could get any better on a bike than my poor efforts on a skateboard. I suck at both, for the record. Anyone hanging around the Livi Bowl, circa 1988 to 1992, may have seen my rather incongruous attempts at mastering both. I was the geeky looking hippie with the GBOA/PFX artwork on my jacket :)

  • sweet ride! i ride everyday, everywhere i can! since i live in the city most the time i ride my GT BMX Cruiser which has mountain bike tires, a bigger frame, front/back disc brakes, 16 gears, and downhill shocks on the front. I also have a mid 70's Bianchi Pista fixie so I'm really liking your post! here's two different bike related vids i've posted to utub from Madison and from Chicago Critical Mass

  • I used to ride Critical Mass before I moved outta town... There was a small effort to start one up here where I am now but we maxed out at like 12 riders and had a couple of close calls with irate F250/F350 drivers and the turnout dropped and it all came to a close. Shame really. Good biking country round here, but an aggressive motorist mentality.

  • @radiophonic aah, don't tempt me to move to california with your blog. my brother lives in sf, took me to riv's shop. now i have an AHH.

  • Yes, that is the color, it is truly beautiful in the sun, shimmering and sparkly and something to be seen.

  • happy birthday!

    i have a glorious bianchi as well. it is the only way i get around NYC.

    now i really want to do some nice long rides again. it's been way too long. and that blog is going to be what gets me to do it! thanks for the inspiration!

  • I drooled over this one bike for years via internet while I lived in the states. I couldn't find it in the US. When I moved to Paris I went to a bike shop and there in the corner was this very bike. I bought it against my better judgement and spent the month with 12 Euros in my bank account.

  • happy bday!

  • Happy Birthday!

    When my job situation allowed more time, I used to be an avid rider and raced at Hellyer Velodrome in northern California quite a bit. Life stress keeps me from my favorite exercise and lifestyle...

    Glad to hear you're back on a steed after so many years!

  • Thanks all, it is a beauty and such a joy to ride. I even think the Brooks saddle is already breaking in. Went for an 18 mile ride with my wife last night, I swear it does half the peddling for me.


    looks to be well worth it!

  • i've been riding my new ride for a month and half now, after totally my last in a traffic accident last november (a lemond poprad cyclocross bike that had been my steed for the past 8 years, went over the handlebars with nary a scratch on me, but the derailer and frame were fucked. Thank goodness for house insurance). So after a winter on my feet, i built up a new beast around a surly crosscheck frame, with a shimano internal hub, etc. Great ride, cowbell bars and a crazy fizik saddle thats like a modern brooks (they bought brooks bought five years back, and now are making these hammocky kurve saddles that are real comfy). Anyhow, thought i'd share. Love the bike.