Monome/Application Communication Best Practices + History

  • Hi all,
    Having just received my first monome with this latest release, I am trying to make sure that I understand the history behind the connection and protocol updates so that I make sure I am going about this correctly. If there is already a thread that walks through this, any links would be helpful. A few questions that it would be great to have confirmation on:

    1) As far as I can tell, the original connection application was monomeserial, but a new connection/detection application and protocol was developed and implemented in 2011 called serialosc. Am I correct that you always need some form of this communication running as a separate application whenever you are using a desired performance application?

    2) For older applications that have not yet been converted to use serialosc, it sounds like there are a few different options:
    -serialosc bridge (are there any cons of using this?)
    -pages (what are the pros and cons of this?)
    -anything else?

    3) What is the best connection process to use in the following situations (i.e. serialosc vs. bridge vs. pages, etc):

    -using serialosc converted standalone apps (1 at a time)
    -using older monome serial standalone apps (1 at a time)
    -using m4l apps (1 at a time)
    -using multiple m4l apps

    Thanks to the community for any clarity they can provide.


    -OS X 10.6
    -Max 5 (runtime)
    -Max for Live (full)
    -Monome 128 (Walnut 2012)

  • Welcome!

    1 - SerialOSC runs in the background, this eradicated the need to have monomeserial open which in turn is one less application to have open.

    2 - Really the only downside is having another application open, i use pages as my main app and i use its external page for monomeserial and serialosc apps.

    3 - You can have a monome serial app open at the same time and use them both with pages. Is this what you mean?

  • @dean - thanks for the response!

    My third questions was basically just setting up the 4 scenarios that I am looking to use the monome in to hear other user's recommendations on which communication process to use.

  • No problem

    I use SerialOSC and pages always, then use the external app page to use other apps.

    Hope this helps.

  • Honestly? Try them all and see what works for you. Sounds trite but there is no best way to use a monome. That's the beauty of it.

  • There are, however, worst ways to use a monome. Blindfolded with oven mits on both hands, for example.

    ...but exploring bad ideas can lead to valuable ones.

    "submerged in water" is the wrong way to use your monome. But "submerged in mineral oil" might be awesome. Not for most apps, but, like, blinkin park and nerdscroll? Crazy diffused light...

  • I bet monomes would work in zero gravity.

  • I don't think the accelerometer would give any tilt readings, but if you used an outside sensor (kinect, etc) to monitor the performer's orientation in 3D space, that would be all kinds of fantastic.