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    Here is a video demo of the sequencer application I've been developing for a 128 monome in Max4Live (I call it Fourby). The basic idea is using 4x4 grids as 16 step sequencers, the column(s) to the left of the 4x4 grid are used for selecting the particular sound in the sequence.

    The sounds are loaded into a drum rack in Ableton and everything is synced with Ableton's clock. At this point it is very customized for me, but if anyone is interested in digging into my programming and tweaking for your own purposes I'm willing to share. I'm interested in adding the visual element of each step of the sequence blinking as it hits, but I haven't come up with a good way to do this without messing with the other LED info I already have.

    Layout is as follows (see photo):

    Drum Sequencer 4x4 - C13-16 x R1-4
    Drum sounds - C12 x R1-4 (4 sounds, usually Kick, Snare, Open Hat, Closed Hat)
    2nd Sequencer 4x4 - C8-11 x R1-4
    2nd Seq sounds - C6-8 x R1-4 (8 sounds)
    3rd Sequencer 4x4 - C8-11 x R5-8 (used to feed midi to analog synth)
    3rd Seq notes - C6-8 x R5-8 (8 notes)

    2nd Seq sound sets - C12-16 x R5-6 (10 sound sets)
    Drum sound sets - C12-16, R8 (5 sound sets)

    Preset Drum Patterns C1-5, R1
    Banks for saving drum patterns (double click to save, single click to play) C1-5, R2)
    Banks for saving Seq2 patterns C1-5, R3
    Banks for saving Seq3 patthers C1-5, R4

    16th note accents on/off (dial in app can adjust accent amount) - C2,R8
    Swing on/off (dial in app can adjust swing amount) - C1,R8

    Clear Drum Seq - C1,R7
    Clear Seq2 - C2, R7
    Clear Seq3 - C3, R7

    660 x 296 - 92K
  • Looks pretty cool. Are you wearing gravity boots in the video?

    Would love to give a try.

  • Ha! I just flipped the video so the layout would make more sense. I don't have a video camera so I just shot this with the built-in isight on my macbook.

  • Heh, that explains the headphone cable hanging the wrong way! XD

    Got a screen shot of your M4L interface?

  • I'm not completely sure if the amxd file gathers all the necessary components since I've never shared this format before.

  • screenshots

    438 x 547 - 59K
    816 x 206 - 78K
  • hey mate

    RE: LED

    "sequence blinking as it hits, but I haven't come up with a good way to do this without messing with the other LED info I already have"

    hope you can make this work for you


  • Am playing with this now. Lotsa fun... Still working my head round the note sequencers (I think you got your text file and your layout jpeg labeling a bit twisted... Looks like you call sequencer 1 and 2 (in the text file) sequencer 2 and 3 in the jpeg?)

    That 2nd/3rd sequencer with the scale programmed is a nice touch.

  • You're right, I messed that up in the reference file. Here's the txt file updated.

    I use the 3rd sequencer to run to an analog synth, but it could easily be used for a VST or for more samples.
    Sequencer 3 sound sets are not functional at this point since I've set up that sequencer to generate midi notes. It could be changed so each "sound set" changes the scale of the notes, but I haven't set that up yet.

    I've realized there are still a few things that could be cleaned up, but the functionality is there. The main idea for me is to have a sequencer that I can program very quickly and manipulate easily for live performances.

    There is still a block of 10 buttons that could be put to use. I'm thinking some sort of MLR function that changes the starting point of the bar or allows looping smaller sections.

  • Updated:
    Now double click any button that chooses the sound of that sequencer to clear that sound from the current pattern.

    Also add a 4th 4x4 grid starting at Row 5, Column 2 that functions like MLR. Double click Row 5 Column to turn this on/off. Single clicks anywhere in that grid set the start point of all sequencers. Hold a button and press another in the grid after it in the sequence to create an inner loop. Double click on Row 8, Column 5 (16th step in the sequence) to reset the sequence back to being quantized with Ableton's bar/beat.

    And that changes a couple other buttons. Now Row 8, Column 1 turns swing on/off. Row 7, Column 1 clears Drum Sequencer. Row 6 Column 1 clears Seq1. Row 5 Column 1 clears Seq2.

  • I can't wait to get my 128 so I can try this out jesse!

  • @jesse - i have only just now seen your whisper, ill look at this tonight for you and see if i can help.

  • I got it worked out. Check out the new version, the MLR function adds a whole new layer. I need to get on another computer that I don't have this week to update the visual showing the new layout.

  • I found some bugs with the new MLR section when I put it in my full setup with pages. Trying to work those out.