New App: The Fly - Ableton Live & Machinedrum Environment

  • a max patch for use with ableton live and machinedrum.

    originally inspired by Peters '128 measure clock'.

    it allows muting and playing of all machinedrum tracks and control of abletons mute/solo/stop functions for the first 8 tracks.

    it has a row of midi triggers e.g a beat repeat or effects triggers and a beat and bar measure clock.

    the help file in the patch will explain all.

    any ideas or bug fixes can be posted here.



    Bug Fixes -

    v1.1 - Fixes midi trigger issue, adds midi refresh button.
    v1.2 - Fixed machinedrum in/out issue.
    v1.3 - Fixed note-offs on button release.

  • HOLY MOLY this is ace Dean!

    What a great surprise to end a crappy day. Thanks man!

    I can't get ableton triggers to work?
    Can I delete dean's computer ect. from the drop down?
    I would super love a function button to hold mutes and what not.

    Very great work!

  • Thanks man!

    I'll add a refresh button for the midi info, I've no idea why it stores my info :p.

    What do you mean hold mutes?

    And triggers, have you set it to midi out on a virtual port. You will need to activate the virtual port in ableton as track and remote on the preferences. Ill add this to the read me.

  • If I hold function and hit some mute buttons they will hold until I release the function key on the MD.

    No IAC drivers in the drop down.

    Everything else works perfect for me

    Thanks again.
    effing love it!

  • Check back here in an hour or two ill fix the midi out problems, they are reverting to my setup for some reason. This will allow midi triggers, I'll add a page function to the midi trigger row so you can have midi triggers or a function row for scene launching etc. Also so you can scroll through tracks in rounds of 8

    Glad you like it, I'll add the function part on the next release, very easy to add.

    Any other ideas let me know.

  • updated! x2

    finding small bugs that im working out, hopefully they're all gone!

  • looking forward to test the ableton-rack-version.

  • I'll get that started tomorrow, glad there's interest.

  • oh there is some definite interest in an ableton rack version!
    great work!!

  • UPDATE: more bug fixes and ableton drum rack version! enjoy.

  • As a long time owner of a machinedrum i´m always curious on how to expand the usage of it. excuse my ignorance, but what does this app actually do, is it a mute/unmute envorment for the monome or actually a sequencer for the machinedrum? sorry i don´t get it, curious to hear more :)

  • It deals with mutes and plays tracks on the machinedrum. It offers a visual measure clock and it allows mute,solo,stop functions for ableton also row of midi triggers. it offers several functions that I would have from various apps or devices into one that I can quickly change on the fly. Hence the name.

    It was built with the intention to minimise running about from device to device.

    Why don't you download it and try it.