no sound?

  • Hi all,

    Had to uninstall max 6 as i was getting no sound from any apps? Every other sound application on my mac, audio setting, midi etc is all good. Any serial osc app works but there is no sound at all. Any ideas? I am not 'unpacking patch' literate so no wordy maxmsp suggestions! ha ha

  • so now left with max 5, nothing, no sound. Is there a general overall monome dsp box or patch or something simple that i am missing?

  • Bloody hell, initially this was just a problem with autoharp wasn't it? You are saying that your midi/audio set-up is sorted, you have activated an IAC driver bus etc?
    My suggestion would be to uninstall //**everything**// and re-install serialosc, your ftdi drivers, Max, the zero-config's etc.

    - I hope you can get this figured out.

  • Mlr behaves itself. Apps/max are sending midi signals but I get no sounds. If I try my modules in ableton with my midi keyboard all is well. All midi set up appears to be ok in max window. I am still relatively new to my apple mac so where would I begin with the uninstall? Stooopid I know ;-)

  • P.s. still nothing from Autoharp but I figure it is linked to this issue with the midi being screwed up somewhere along the line. Crazy thing is before I installed max 6 all was well!

  • So your apps in Max 5 were initially OK as far as the audio went, & then once you were opening apps in Max 6 runtime, there was no audio? And you //did// copy the zero-configs to the Max 6 externals folder etc?

  • Never checked max 6 with mlr to get audio. Just uninstalled but yes zero config files were originally installed. Just no sound with any midi connections. All modules work elsewhere. Ableton for example. Midi activity in apps etc but no sound produced and midi LEDs not flashing on motu micro lite but midi works via mpc and in ableton

  • Mmmmm... //makes gesture of index finger & thumb in 'OK' configuration moving back and forth over my olfactory proboscis//.

    OH -have you deleted your max prefs and prefs as well?

  • Dude my mac is way over my head (sighs with gusto).... I wouldn't know where to look ( for the most part ) to delete all the set up files?? Just feeding the kids and I will chunk back into the studio/den/man cave

  • Try deleting your .conf files from

    /Users/{you}/Library/Preferences/org.monome. (you may have to scroll down in your preferences folder a bit to find this)

    BTW If you are on Lion, you have to hold down the option key whilst in the 'Go' menu to see your Library (like a few here in the forum, I feel apple are becoming more user-hostile/non-intuitive with every new OS release)

    If you are going to delete/uninstall Max then re-install it again, delete your Max preferences folder in Library/Preferences as well.

    I use 'App Zapper' to remove programs/apps on my Mac, it gets rid of all hidden files associated with any program you are removing from your system, it's inexpensive, I bought it - but it has 4 or 5 free 'zaps' on the trial version...

  • Thanks artpunk!! Will repost with failure/success

  • Mate, this is totally weirding me out!!! I have a Motu 5x5 midi interface, all ports are being used. All ports are fine, apart from 1 that has my Mopho attached to it. Check this:

    ANY monome max app shows activity on that device but no LED on the Motu midi unit. However, 2-5 with my other units are fine. When I test the midi set up on my Mac I get sound from the Mopho, so the Motu microlite 5x5 isn't a faulty unit, but max REFUSES to actually generate anything other than the fact that there is midi info being sent. The Motu on channel 1 is functional, and it isn't a lead problem....? very very weird. Do you think it would help to start from scratch and reconfigure my midi set up on my mac? I am glad that I didn't need to install anything again!

    Bloody typical, one day without three kids screaming for my attention and I spend ALL day doing techie shit and not actually making anything!! Oh well, I am sure there will be a day off in about 6 months or so. let me know your thought my friend


  • and in my midi drop down list in max applications it has duplicated my mopho, but only one exists in my mac midi set up? And in Ableton i get activity from the mopho on channel 1 on my midi keyboard. Max is weird ;-) how do i explore this issues further, any ideas?

  • //one day without three kids screaming for my attention and I spend ALL day doing techie shit and not actually making anything!// - oh yes, can relate to that one!
    In regards to your monome problem you need (if you haven't already) to simplify testing as much as possible, do your monome problems occur when you **only** have the monome connected by usb to your computer, no other interfaces?

  • The motu interface sends and receives on all 5 channels with other equipment. It is only using monome and maxmsp apps that the problem seems to be that midi port 1 on the motu will not work. There is midi info going out of apps but no response on channel 1 only. Eg. Using polygome, channel 2-5 send and respond to midi messages and then obviously sound. I select my module running to midi Channel 1- nothing. To answer your question my monome is only ever connected via USB to computer. Ableton and my midi keyboard send on channel 1 and I get sound.