aesthetics vs. ergonomics - studio layout with new monome

  • so with the arrival of the beautiful new 128 (amazing work Brian) i've taken to re-organising my kit, and it got me thinking about the balance between an ergonomic useable space and a space i like to work in. I work in this space mostly alone so it's only my eyes that have to look at this, but somehow I do prefer working when my kit sits together in a visually pleasing arrangement. Obviously I'm working on SOUND so why am I so driven by the vision?
    It's probably influenced by the quality and design of the monome as an object, but just wondered if anyone else thinks about this when they're laying out their stuff


    (i haven't got the perfect 'looking' layout yet but here's my current easy to use one with the new 128)

    1280 x 855 - 77K
    1280 x 855 - 86K
  • that looks like a lovely spot man. i wish i had more space. i have a really small room so only enough room for my laptop and a controller. most of the time these days i don't use a controller and just do everything in the box.

  • you should join the show your studio/setup thread:

    there are a ton of nifty ideas in there, and a broad spectrum of workspace configurations. everything from cluttered chaos navigable only by the sleek, minimalist corners with just one or two devices.

  • @ioflow

    oh yes. didn't know it existed, thanks - will repost the question there :)