need a bit of help with simple electronics stuff

  • hello,

    since i now next to nothing about electronics i don't know where else to post this ... the ultimate goal is to use the Raspberry Pi to make a tiny Music PC and hopefully even some kind of a monome capable thingy ..

    so i got this old LCD panel hangin around from 2001 which i've never used and since it's got a composite in it would be ideal for the Raspberry (i think, not sure if such a low resolution is supported) ... things is it's not really plug n play and i don't really know how to hook it up ...

    i suppose it would be a simple matter of hookin up a power supply and connecting the cables but even that is beyond my current knowledge :(

    would anyone be able to help me getting this to work ?

    Here's a PDF with pictures and the documentation:

    would be great if someone could have a look and give me the lowdown on this thing ...