Shruthi, MeeBlipSE/Micro, Rockit, Sprockit, what to do?

  • So I have already gotten into the deep end and back into purchasing things before making enough. I've spent a good bit lately in the deep foray of learning some basic max with a joystick patch, Lemur templates and basic scripting there (up to eight templates now) to control anything (but a few VSTs in particular) and really still want knobs, real knobs with direct effect on real electricity (yeah I know that bits and bytes are electronic as well).

    I have lots of components lying around and a couple of arduinos, but don't have the oomph to learn c-style code just yet and was thinking about these options.

    Quite a few users here have touted the shruthi, though tea knee just sold his for lack of use. I've read a thread here that started on the MeeBlip, pretty quickly dismissed it and turned into a shruthi love fest. I've been looking at the MeeBlip Micro (no knobs/switches, but the same basic underlying architecture for $40 usd. Then there is the Shruthi for 140 euros which currently is about $175 plus shipping (no case). There are also the rockit and sprockit synths that I haven't heard much about here.

    I'm sure that some Shruthi users would say yes, but how emphatic. The only analog synth I've ever had, I'm sad to say was a Concertmate MG-1 which I so deeply regret selling, perhaps as much as the Rhodes I custom fitted with a hand built vibrato/amp unit (with LDRs made from parts from RadioShack and AutoZone, no kidding). I want the biggest bang for many bucks. With mutable looking at a polyphonic synth soon (Oct?) maybe I should wait, though I imagine it would be quite a bit more. Heck if I had the money for a shruthi + XT kit as an order is up right now, I'd possibly just get the Arturia MiniBrute.

    Too many thoughts! I want something tangible here. So how emphatically good is the shruthi?

  • I'd reccomend the shruthi-1! I built one about a year ago and I've got loads of use from it. Not an overly complicated build.

    If you can wait it out till october I'd wait and see what the price of the Ambika (mutable-instruments's poly synth) though I reckon you're right in that it'll cost a bit more.

    I'd say if it's a toss up between the MeeBlip and Shruthi-1 I'd go with the Shruthi on functionality/interface.