New App - The Fly - An Ableton Drum Rack Performance Enviornment

  • this is an ableton drum rack version of the fly for the machinedrum.

    due to the restrictions of LiveOSC and Live's API i am unable to add the muting function of drum pads.


    a max patch for use with ableton live's drum rack.

    originally inspired by Peters '128 measure clock'.

    it allows playing of pads on drum racks and control of abletons mute/solo/stop functions for the first 8 tracks.

    it has a row of midi triggers e.g a beat repeat or effects triggers and a beat and bar measure clock.

    the help file in the patch will explain all.

    any ideas or bug fixes can be posted here.


  • Just a thought, but could the muting be done another way? Drum racks are sampler/simplers grouped in tracks or such, perhaps it could be done that way. I'm completely UNknowledgable about the LiveAPI or m4l devices still, but it's just a thought.

  • The live api is only picking up the drum rack as a whole, i tried to sniff out messages when muting and unmuting. Ive not looked into m4l yet, maybe then it will be very possible.

  • Ill look into m4l tonight!