Is it normal to have three instances of Serialosc running?

  • So I was looking at Activity Monitor (to kill Sparkleshare, which seems to run like garbage (looking at ownCloud next)) and noticed this peculiarity.

    It looks like I have 3 serialosc's running.

    Is this normal? And if not, how do I remove the spare serialoscs?

  • serialosc spawns processes. think it's normal. how many devices
    using it?

  • I have two (monome64 & arc2). Both are plugged in, but no software running (ie Max).
    That makes more sense if there's one per device, then one general one that spawns the others.

  • It's normal. You'll always have n+1 instances of serialosc where 'n' is the number of devices plugged in.

  • > one per device, then one general one that spawns the others

    for anyone wondering why, it's because it both makes the code simpler (we don't have to multiplex a bunch of monomes in the same process), and makes serialosc more resilient (a crash in one process wouldn't bring the others down too).

  • I noticed the same thing today and was wondering as well.
    Great to find the confirmation of the n+1 rule.

  • Ha! I have noticed that, let's just say, "tendency" ;-)