Sound Cards

  • Does anyone have any advice on a good soundcard set-up to use? I have an Edirol FA-66, but for some reason Max 6 doesn't want to play with it & keeps crashing. This means I cannot get audio in/out of Party Van, MLRV and the like unless I use the built in mics or mic input (don't actually have a 1/8" jack Mic at the moment and have lost my adapter).
    The FA-66 works fine with Ableton and other core audio functions so I'm thinking its a Max 6 compatability problem... :-(

    I am beginning to understand why Miller Puckette said the other week (when I was fortunate enough to meet him), that if you wanted anything to actually work in the future, you were better off writing stuff in pd rather than max...

  • I've used a MOTU Traveller for years, but as of a month ago or so I've been rocking a MOTU MicroBook 2 and I'm loving it.

  • just got a fairly cheap deal on a focusrite scarlett 8i6 for $250 last week, sounds awesome, and has a loop back feature that can easily route any audio from one app to another, seamlessly.

  • Thanks guys, Raja - no I haven't let Cycling '74 know about this yet, but I should/will I suppose. I was thinking it might have been my relative inexperience, but I am used to things 'just working' with my macs and most peripherals (give or take the reading of a manual or two ;-))
    The motu interfaces look nice, I need something with MIDI i/o so the ultralite looks most suited... I'm just a bit annoyed as I thought the Edirol would be OK...
    Ah well, the best laid plans of mice and men gang aft agley...
    Thanks again for your replies, Raja & Rodrigo (& James - we must have cross-posted!)
    Any other suggestions from the community most welcome!

  • it really depends on your i/o needs, i use a scarlette 18i6 which does me very well for my purpose!

    Most semi-pro/pro range soundcards seem to be quite on par these days, although the motu seem on top form.

  • MOTU 828 mkII here. No issues with Max or otherwise. Nice unit.

  • I got a cheap used 828 mkii. When it eventually stopped working, they sent me a refurbished one for only $100. Very pleased overall.

  • Thanks people, I will keep trying with the Edirol, as I now have it working in The Party Van - a matter of matching the sampling rates in the DSP controls with the rate set on the Edirol (something I stupidly forgot to check before) and instead of using core audio I have to use **//ad_port audio Core Audio//** (which I am //presuming// is the Edirol's own audio driver)
    Any sampling rate higher than 48000Hz creates incredible latency, although I am still getting my head around I/O vector sizes & all the other options in the DSP configure window...
    I still cannot get it to run with MLRV2. Crashes everytime. I cannot see a way to adjust the sample rate anywhere, so it might be a mis-match there causing the problems...
    I obviously still have a lot to learn :-)>

    Edit: I have been reading up a bit here:

    I //**still**// have heaps to learn!