Sold: Greyscale 64, Walnut 128, Arc 4.

  • Hi,

    Just received a beautiful new 128 so i'm selling my original walnut 128 (bus-powered), greyscale 64 and my

    -- Sold -- Greyscale 64
    -- Sold -- Arc 4 (m0000641)
    -- Sold -- Walnut 128 (m128-229)

    I'm living in Bristol, UK, but travel to London quite often. Also fine to post to anywhere in Europe or United States. Whisper back or email me - james cat waterworth bot org pot uk -

    Also selling some other gear:

    Crown XLS 202 Power Amp with Flight Case - £130
    Stagg PA Speaker Bag with Wheels and Handle - £60
    Gigskinz Big Rucksack with Vinyl, serato mixer, cable and Laptop compartments - £30

    720 x 540 - 98K
    720 x 540 - 107K
    720 x 960 - 141K
    720 x 960 - 151K
    1080 x 810 - 200K
    1080 x 810 - 183K
  • Would you accept £600 in some reasonably well hand drawn in biro copies of £50 notes for the arc?

  • Very, very tempting (the Arc)...!

  • I'll buy these in a heartbeat, emailing now.

  • @Doncorsean, just saw your other thread... and then checked this one and my emails, heh. Sorry for the mix up. Have emailed you back just now.

  • Hi, when was it purchased?

  • i traded my walnut 256 for the walnut 128 with Luke Sanger of Duke Slammer/Luke's Anger fame,, in april of 2011. as far as i know he purchased it off monome directly. from the serial number i'd guess it is from one of the first two batches of 128s, either jan 2008, or oct 2008. it has been upgraded to support bus power. the device has been taken very good care of and has been used for many a gig with love and care.

    the greyscale 64 was purchased from Steve Burtenshaw a.k.a Maersk,, in april of 2011. i'm not sure when he purchased it exactly, could find out from the serial number possibly. it has been taken very good care of and has been used for many gigs, rock solid device.

    the arc 4 was purchased from Steve Nalewalke in April of 2012. unfortunately i still haven't had time to integrate it into my setup and it's never been used for any performances. it's largely sat boxed up which is no fit life for it. however, it is in mint condition and looks stunning.

  • spam bump :)

  • buyump

  • Greyscale 64 sale fell through, so it's back up now.

  • Seriously considering your gs James. Been thinking about one for a while

  • it's all yours if you want it! in talks with a few guys but would love to keep it within the UK, and to give it what i know will be a good home.

  • Do it dean!

  • i may have too, im waiting to see if i can open this bad boy of a student account first. I need to stop buying gear :'(

  • every time I see a bit of gear for sale here, i think "I'd like that"; then i think "I bet dean is thinking about buying that"

  • @declutter Hahaha! It's terrible :'(

    @myr I think I'll pass James, I need me a new laptop soon. It will sell soon of course. Cheers

  • @dean. no worries, sure i'll find them a good home soon. having a bit of a clear out, I like controllers too much, ha.

  • also realised I've had every type of monome except a greyscale 128...

  • Haha I know the feeling, I've bought and sold endless amount of controllers, recently bought a nanokontrol for pennies..think I've used it twice :( haha.

  • Arc 4 back on sale :).

  • I've added these to a list of monome related things for sale here

  • hi james

    emailed you about the arc

    hopefully she will be mine :)



  • Still got the Greyscale 64 to go :)

  • @declutter

    nice idea! thank you.

  • Hi Myr

    i have emailed you about the arc :)


  • has the 128 gone?

  • @jhindsight, the post says:

    "-- Sold -- Walnut 128 (m128-229)"

  • @marto oops sorry

  • Ah, I see what may have been the confusion, it's still listed on the trades list:


  • I would buy the gs64. Too bad you're not shipping to Asia.

  • @rishabh

    i'm willing to ship anywhere as long as we can come to a deal on postage price and you can pay via bank transfer. had a potential buyer in japan a few weeks ago, and fine with getting more monomes over to asia.

  • this sale got waylaid somewhat with other things taking precedence.

    greyscale 64 is back on sale though, last one i've got to get rid of!

  • £240 or €300 holiday special price drop!

    still need to buy presents and a train ticket home ahhhh! heh

  • All sold.