new album: ioflow - distance

  • hello, friends! to celebrate the end of my year-long creative thing, i give you a four track album:


    new album released 7/22/2012. [[|free download]]. solo piano improvisations. recorded over four days, one track per day. these are the final pieces for my year-long creative one-a-day, which began in july 2011 and ended in july 2012.

    //thanks for listening//.

  • thanks, raja!

  • really nice, ioflow.

  • Nice! Thank you for sharing!

  • Epic congratulations to you Josh! Your music is heartfelt and emotional. You should completely keep at it because you have skills sir and a great ear. Your soundcloud is a great listen while driving in the car. It always brings images of family, life and other important things. Wonderful reflective music. Keep it up! Congratulations on your accomplishment!

  • congrats josh!! this will be my afternoon listen :)

  • Awesome achievement! Congrats dood.

  • thanks so much for the kind words. thank you for listening!

  • josh? This whole time i thought ioflow was peter kirn.

    I enjoyed "near" very much. thank you sir.

  • no relation to mr. kirn, aside from getting to meet him at interface LA in january. thanks for listening!

  • Got lost listening to this. really enjoy the space of the music

  • thanks, guys!

  • good news! the folks at a closer listen published a very kind review of the album. am so excited and very thankful!