WANT: Arc 2

  • anybody got an Arc 2 they looking to get rid of?

    let me know!
    thanks =P

  • The new versions are set to come out in just about a month or so..

  • oh snap didnt know that, thanks rah!

  • I'm looking firward to seeing the new Arcs. Ringo, note that unless tehn's changed the functionality/nature of new design however they won't have the button capabilities of the previous versions. I am sure they will be beautiful pieces of engineering however!
    (there's a discussion topic on the board about the changes in the new arcs. But I can't find it at the moment)

  • what does that mean exactly? you can't press it only turn it?

  • Yup, pretty much. Tehn explained that the old encoder shafts had an unacceptable fault/problem that occured in a small % of the arcs, another reason he posited was due to it being almost impossible to press the arc without imparting a degree of spin on them. He has switched to different encoders, but without the press control, but I am still hoping to see some kind of workaround re perhaps capacitance (body) contact type solution or the like...
    I wish I could find that damn thread...

  • yea i think i read that thread awhile back. thanks for the info artpunk!

    I am interested in the arc 2 mainly because of party van, but i'm curious if i would be better of using a midi controller and just mapping the arc/fx functions to it...they also look soo beautiful.

    think I will mess around with that in the meantime.

    if anyone is interested in flipping their arc 2 for any reason, like if you want the new one or something...let me know!

  • @ringo, I use a Korg Nanokontrol with the Party, it works great, but I admit the aesthetics of the Arc are so nice and compliment the monome grid so well.

  • i would be using a nanokontrol too.

    is there a way to save the midi mappings so u only have to do it once?

    yea, the grid and arc would look so lovely next to each other!

  • Once you start mapping stuff it is automatically saved in a file called (in the case of my PartyVan v7 non vary-brightness use: **//_Party_07nonvaribrightness-assigns//**

    I shared my assigns with another community member, james, about halfway down the page here: http://post.monome.org/comments.php?DiscussionID=13620&page=8 you are most welcome to try my assigns if you like, but it may suit your workflow better to devise your own...it's really up to you!


  • Other than a couple spots, most of the arc setup in the party van is just as intelligent high resolution knobs.
    The presses (again, in most cases) just switch 'pages' of each knob, so you can control separate things.

    For the next version of the party van there's better built-in MIDI mapping (most of the desirable controls have MIDI CC numbers), so it will be easier to use a nanokontrol (or similar) and use it in a 'set it and forget it' manner as you won't have to mess with MIDI learn, and can just use static values.

    However, that is not to say that there are, and won't be more features that are original arc (press+turn) specific.

  • oh tight!

    thanks alot dude!!
    I think I may test yours out to see how to set it up, then maybe tweak or make a whole new one depending on how it gels with me.

    would it be possible to midi map a button and a knob for press+turn actions?
    off the top of my head, not sur ehow that all would work

  • I'm hoping there's a good serialosc workaround as being backwards compatible is one thing, but having to be backwards AND forwards compatible (in my code) would be a pain to maintain.

  • lol, yea i hear ya rodrigo.

    i was more curious than anything else.
    I'm not looking to get *everything* on the patch mapped, just the stuff that i end up using the most. otherwise things can get confusing.

    right now i've just been using the morph controls to change the fx params. we'll see what happens as i dive into the party more/get more familiar with it.
    i still have only messed w/ like 3 of the pages.