Free guitar loops! [Collaboration]

  • These loops were recorded a few nights ago with my laptop mic. I put the signal through an old tube guitar amp and mixed the results of the treated loop with the original samples. Feel free to add anything you'd like and post the audio here.

  • Percussion + Bass

    Tintinnabulome/Wurlitzer Riffs

  • Thanks for sharing these Cropsie, I'm glad you explained which link on that rather misleading page //actually downloaded// those samples too.
    Quite frankly, I do not like sites that have false or misleading 'download file now' icons and links all over a page that take you to other sites that have **nothing** to do with the file you are looking to download via about 20 other proxies that no doubt are gathering information from your computer all the while!
    I prefer sharing stuff via dropbox shared folders or similar...but that's just me.

  • cool! thanks for sharing!