on ableton

  • i'm not sure about the ethics of this, nor do i think this would even work, but would i be able to purchase the usage of someone's ableton 8 serial for mac?
    after almost 6 months of not putting my machine to good use, i'm now making a serious effort to transfer my production and live-set workload to my mac, and one of the cogs in the system is not having ableton live for mac.

    yes, yes, my one for pc is cracked but i want to at least attempt to pay money to get this to work. i finally have a firewire interface, doable speakers, and enough controllers to keep me busy and now i just need ableton to pull it all together.

    once again, i don't know about the ethics of this but you'd be helping me out a great deal

  • i believe one can sell their serial number to you if they no longer want ableton. i think after they sell it the sn is tied to your computer or perhaps a new one is generated based on your system id once the transaction is complete. but, i don't think someone's sn would work on your system without it being done through ableton. maybe i'm wrong.

  • You also get two computers per licence...

  • If you've got a copy of live lite the upgrade path is significantly cheaper than buying from scratch. Someone on the boards probably has a copy of lite they've never used. I think ive given all mine away but ill have a check...

  • hmmm

    anyone still have ableton lite? :wink wink:

  • Like I said No Sir E, email me: monkeymoda (at) gmail (dot) com. I have an Ableton Lite serial I would be willing to part with, but I kinda need some info from you to give that a shot. The sooner the better (for you I'd imagine).