dj128 (medium hands)

  • sup wit dat?

  • Aw... Hopes raised, then swiftly dashed.

  • Well.....
    I'm pretty sure I put together a max for live version of dj64 that works on a full 128 for a gig a couple of years ago. The tracks were selected as clips in live and you were able to jump forward/backward within the clip (quantised) as well as loop sections etc. it also had the dj64 effects section in there as well, but may not have had a functioning cross fader. If people are interested, I might be able to dig it out and upload?

  • fuck, dude, post that shit up. It would be most most welcome.

  • Hopes raised again!

  • post it man!!! sounds cool

  • poooooooooost it !!!!

  • cock tease.. :)

  • Love to check that out!

  • Sorry guys, I've been away on holiday.
    I'll have a dig round later this week if I get the chance (I'm hurrying along with the latest mcrp at the moment, so that's a priority), and it'll need a little tinker to make it user friendly before I upload.
    Fear not, it will come.

  • promises, promises ;D

  • Here you go people:

    There's an image in there which illustrates the functionalities of the first four columns of buttons, with the second four columns taken up with the fx section from dj64. This is then repeated for the second 'deck' on the other half of the 128.
    To set this up properly, create two audio tracks and drop the dj128_master onto the first and dj128_slave onto the second. I'd also stick the included serial patch onto a return channel, as I was having problems with running M4L alongside Mx runtime, so that should eliminate the problem.

    It's not perfect, and the leds on the monome can reset if you move clips around on a track, but anyone can have a little look around and tinker with it if they want to.

    Any questions, just ask.

  • Just going to bump this a little incase it was missed.

  • Nice one XPM, I'm going to try this after I wake up today (I'm on nightshift at the moment, bah)

  • Not sure if this was missed by you lot who were after it.

  • Very cool, thanks!
    Can't get it working with pages - only with the monomeserial bridge on a return track as you suggested.

  • A set of the empty buttons as clip nudges would be really useful.

  • how cumbersome a bother would it be to set up a similar/identical .maxpat for monome users not on abelton?

  • @Chris - good idea. I'll try and add that at some point for you.

    @Growndzkyper - sadly almost impossible without a hell of a lot of work. The patch basically deals exclusively with live clips as the audio source, with the parameter adjustment done via the live object model in max for live. It also relies heavily on the tracks being warped in live. It's a pretty basic patch to be honest (it's my first proper patch) and as I don't have a full max license, is not something I'm able to even think about doing. If anyone does want to pull it apart and have a go, they're more than welcome to do so.

  • The license you have is not far from a "proper max license". Meaning, you have access to all of the same objects and you can export .maxpat files, which you can then test and run in the free max runtime. The ony practical restriction is that you can only develop with Ableton running (which adds some overhead and load time to the process).

    That said, there are a few thiings that don't translate directly. As you surmised, [plugin] and [plugout] need to be replaced with audio i/o objects (I can't remember which right now), and the live object model is completely meaningless without Live. It'd be easy enough to change those into CC messages, but what would the user do with them?

    (that last bit is a question for Growndzkyper -- if Live weren't in the equation, how do you envision this working?)

  • as if it were dj 64. just without all the dead space on the other half of the 128 grid.