• Less than 1% of the forum users are consuming more than 99% of our server resources. #Occupy!

    No, seriously. This was the most aggressive and destructive spambot attack I've yet seen. Screw the "great threads unearthed" thing; it bumped some of our most active threads off the front page. I've lost my footing in every conversation. It's completely disorienting.

  • If there's a person behind this, show yourself. We will punch you until you stop bleeding.

  • I want to deliver a trailerload of manure to the doorstep of whomever is behind this Aijca spambot attack. Bloody unmitigated audacity!

    P.S. Raja - I thought your rants/posts //were// regarded as an acceptable norm here?

  • you peeked ;)

  • I miss all the freelance writers.

  • woah. can a mod not just delete the account + posts? or is that not possible...

  • Hopefully it's not the 'first of many', as maybe the forum has crossed a popularity threshold that attracts spambots.

  • ack. i'll start cleaning up. this version of vanilla has both poor spam prevention and cleanup tools.

  • the other unfortunate part is that it's a yahoo address. past spam has all been from hence an easy rule.

  • Still. It's not all bad. Raja might find a dress and my Googling of Aijca found this:

    I may have a new hobby.

  • :-(
    seems like i always miss the 'fun'.
    I swear, I never ever have seen one spam at this forum. Just afterwards the occassionally 'freelance writer' substitution.
    Thanks to whoever reacts so fast that - in most cases - i don't even realize there was a spam attack.

  • this one was a beast of an attack. Props to the mods!