Max6 - Projects

  • Anyone use the projects in Max6 yet?

    I toyed with it a few months ago, but couldn't really wrap my head around it, and there's next to no documentation with it, so I left it alone.

    I revisited it the other day as The Party Van has grown to 72 files now, of all sorts (polys, javascript, audio, presets, abstractions, etc..). I want to try to make it as easy to share/use/modify as possible, and at the moment, other than "click the top left most file" it's just everything dumped in one folder.

    My concerns at the moment:
    I'm not sure how externals work in this project hierarchy, especially when moving cross platform.
    Can you open the project without the project window opening at the same time?
    The "you don't need to save" thing scares the shit out of me, since my workflow has me forking off the main patcher at different steps along the way (most releases range from 08c-08k, with each one being a separate version I break off). There's a 'snapshot' feature, but I don't know how that works into the workflow.

    I really like the idea of projects, and would like to start using it, but the lack of documentation stinks.

  • Hmm, none of that sounds too promising in terms of the shareability and maintainability.

    Why, oh why can't you just have 1 level of folder depth outside of the search path (that works even the first time you load it).

    This would be a non-issue if I could just have a folder with everything in it (like it is now) but each thing living inside it's own folder (/audio, /polys, /abstractions, /etc...)

    I played with some code that dynamically alters the search path, but the first time you open the patch it doesn't work since that part of the code runs after max looks for polys/abstractions/etc..

  • i know the frustration of being able to have nested folders — mlrv deals with it by waiting for the searchpath to be added, manually adding the subfolders, then telling all the bpatchers to load.

    it's a pain and would be great if projects could help deal with this issue... at this stage haven't had a chance to delve into at all though (or any of max6 really..)

    if you have any success, it'd be great to hear how it all works!

  • Are you doing that in java?

  • no -- just all messages to bpatchers and a bit of timing jazz to make it work sequentially. it's a pretty ridiculous workaround to have to do though. i get the feeling there must be a better way to handle it.

  • I had a poke through the code but nothing jumped out at me as saying "this is it".

    I definitely want to avoid longwinded workarounds, especially with a potential solution around the corner, it just seems ridiculous that this is still a problem.

  • yeah that patch is pretty hard to find your way around.

    this is the part that adds paths to the directory:


    then this part loads a bpatcher with a file from one of those subfolders (depending on the argument of the bpatcher it is already inside)


  • That looks good though my patch is more about polys/abstractions (the only bpatcher is serialosc) and I think that stuff gets searched for even before the first loadbang fires.

    Thanks for posting that though. It's always great to see people's solutions to stuff.

  • i know with polys you can just load them without a referred file, then have the poly's referred abstraction sent in a message.

    not sure about abstractions in general, but i'm sure there's a way. this is how i had to re-instantiate all the graphical icons in mlrv so to be able to have an /images folder.