aoyue 936 - anyone used this?

  • Tried to source a Hakko here in UK with no luck. This seems to be an alternative, anyone had any experience? Or know any other decent stations?

  • ugh, just be careful of ebay, i'm down £80 from a soldering iron purchase :(
    there's a guy that sells the fx-888 in the uk but its massively expensive:

  • I know they get shit talked a bunch but the Weller irons I've used have been great... I've never used the bottom of the line models, and I'm mostly a cable making/repairing soldering sort of user, but I have a Weller station that's been working for near 5 years, and a portable iron that's got a year or two on the station. I've replaced the tips a couple of times but the irons are working great.

  • cheers for the heads up guys.

    @maersk - what iron did you buy :(?