artwork needed/new mixes

  • in the on-going quest to maintain relevancy and buzz while my ep is still wrapping up i will be doing a monthly monome-less, tuned-down mix of tracks containing some long-forgotten unreleased material. the first should be coming out in about a week or whenever i get around to buying soundcloud pro.

    now all i have to do is work on writing to blogs to get them to feature this : o

    also, these mixes will require some cover art so if you have some unused photography work or digital artwork that you're willing to send to be featured and credited, that would be marvelous. not looking for anything specific really, just anything that you haven't really found a use for.

    square dimension, please.

    submit to (no spaces) g_l_o_c_k_l_e_s_n_a_r at fuckmyfalcon dot com

    many thanks

  • sent you an email thar...

  • you may need to ask da gawd himself to hook ya up, @cheesenoonions

  • hey brottttha check out all the outwork at its a buddy of mine who makes most of our visuals with film and photos he's taking...... long story short some original art if your looookin for it! hollaaaa


  • that's a pretty rad looking pinwheel thingamajig, @lokey