256 as simple midislider?

  • can i use the 256 as a simple midislider only? and if how? want to control some ableton live7 paramaters only (mac book pro). is there any app for that? with max/msp? with monomeserial? hm....some help please :-)

    thanks in advance!

    stephan bodzin

  • perhaps this is what you're looking for?


  • Molar...
    Have yet to do it but I know it does it.

  • Molar does this though not terribly fancy (no smoothing/interpolation though I tend to prefer it this way, as many destination parameters do their own interpolation). The main advantage of Molar over another option is that it will save/reload with your host song. Also you can make "CC sequences" with Metasequence feature.

    With Molar to route to Live7 Parameters, you need to appear as a MIDI input to the actual application. The easiest way to do this is OSX+Molar AU version, because the AU outputs MIDI to the (last) IAC bus, therefore MIDI automatically shows up at Live's "front door".

    With the VST versions, you need to use a spare MIDI track in Live to perform this routing to the outside world (monitor on, MIDI input from Molar-VST, MIDI output to "IAC BUS"(OSX) or "MIDI Yoke/Maple etc"(windows). Then you can select this MIDI bus as a (remote) input for Live.

    Inside Molar, you need to set the Pad type to CC Fader (shift-alt-drag to set a row at once, alt-drag to set all pads at once), and the "NOTE Out" in the left pad of the row determines what MIDI CC will be used for the row.

    hope this helps

  • hey steve,

    thanks a lot for your big help.

    actually when i posted this discussion i didn´t really know about what the 256 is made for :-) now i saw some vids of matthew davidson (stretta.com) and need to go for this stuff!
    as i haven´t got this much time to work making everything run i feel like stupid each time i start my 256... and need your help again:
    my 1st problem: it seems i´m too stupid to make the 256 basicly run.
    macbook pro, 10.4.11, MonomeSerial018J, runtime 4.6, power on, usb connected. so far so good.
    - i start monomeserial > all good. i added a pic of what i see (256_1).
    - i open monome_test.mxb with runtime > pic 256_2 & 3
    - i press sys/prefix/test to connect to monomeserial (??? right?)
    >>> no reaction at the 256. no lights, nothing.

    i´m sure it´s a simple basic mistake... how can i make RUN?? do i need to buy max/msp? where´s the problem?

    for the future i´d like to run apps like "residue" or "paris cafe" to control a soft-synth (ableton live7) wich i modulate via my lemur.

    sorry for wasting your time with this beginners-stuff. but i´ll be playing some very important gigs in the near! future and need!!! to add this to my show...

    any help would be great!

    and thanks a lot in advance,

    stephan bodzin

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  • as i said...i´m simply too stupid for that ;-) got the prob fixed. thanks.