Max windows wont delete?

  • here is a screenshot.... there are tree apps actually running all the maxpats/and /json at the bottom will never open. i cant close them, and (im on mac) whether max runtime is running or not, when i hold down click on the app in the app dock to show all windows they are always there...

    i have deleted max and reinstalled and they were still there.....

    doesn't seem to really mess up performance just want to clean!

  • sorry for not uploading the screenshot and thanks for the help... it is still stuck i am trying to attach it this time.... as you will see this is the "show all windows" option fro mthe dock and clearly we have 3 patches running for real and then a bunch just stuck down there : (


  • they will stay there.... EVEN IF I RE INSTALL MAX!! aghh its crazy! but thanks for the help and i will send them the report!