New mix / show - Beard-o-Bees

  • New mix up to promote a show next Wednesday 8/15 at Kung Fu Necktie in Fishtown / Philadelphia.

    Damn Right, Beard-o-Bees, Grimace Federation, Thibault, Sonkin
    Kung Fu Necktie

  • bump for tonight's show in Philly

  • This dark mix went well with the dark clouds and rain as I'm deep cleaning my studio. I always liked the dark undertones coming out the Phili area. Not always, gotta be in the mood really. I like Diesel Boy lots. Even when I competed in a laptop battle at the North Star Bar years ago, all the competition was dark and epic sounding. I didn't even know what dubstep was until going to a few of the Seclusiasis events. I guess i'm talking 5-7 years ago. Hope you had a good night!