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  • hey all,

    i'm always curious about what's for sale on here, and the varying prices, locations, etc. I've taken the last dozen or so things that look like they're still for sale and listed them here. I think I've made it public for anyone to access and edit.

    Please feel free to list your item here and link to the thread on the discussion forum.

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  • good thinking. wiki updated...

  • what about a non related monome market as well :)

    i've put my stuff here

  • Hey pauk - why not put your sheet as a separate sheet on the monome one? might be easiest to keep it all in one place...

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  • Oh, and if you're on the look-out for a monome you can get the sheet to notify you when someone lists something new.

  • is there a reason why loads of the listings have been removed?

  • it's been filtered in one of the columns


  • 2012 Grid 128 - $660. Excellent condition.
    --kept clean, no wear, works perfectly--
    March 8th, 2013 -- --

  • OK, so, why was that googledoc nutered?
    I thought that was a great idea, and extremely useful....

    I see that it was just rearranged. Whew!
    Thought it was gone for a moment...

  • Hi, I am selling my grayscale 128. Here's the ebay link. Let me know if you have any questions.


  • Trying to sell/trade my 256 v1, bus upgrade by tehn. Looking for a 256 w varbrightness (i feel so left out).

    perfect condition.

  • F/s grid 2nd edition #170 256 w bus power mod installed perfect with bus power. Local p/u in USA 92672 or ill ship us. $1200

  • I sell

    two brand new Arduino 2009 for €25
    two brand new Arduino Uno Rev.3 for €40

    and this monome 64 like kit

  • at the risk of being pedantic - this thread isn't where to list items for sale; but at the top of the thread there's a link to a spreadsheet where you can list items for sale.

  • Monome 128 (late 2012 series) - $700

    2012 Grid 128 w/ tilt sensor. Perfect condition.

    --kept clean, no wear, works like new--

    photo: (LED's are not as yellow as they appear in the pic. - the yare the normal 2012 orange-yellow)

  • 2011 Walnut 64, Perfect condition - $500

    2012 Walnut 128, Perfect condition w/ a custom wool sleeve - $700

    Will ship anywhere in the world as long as buyer pays shipping.

    email -

    Can provide pictures upon request.

    Irvine, California

  • GS64, $375 shipped/pp or trade for Boomerang III looper

  • Seriously my friends. The idea of this thread is it points to a google spreadsheet (linked at the top) where you can add your item for sale. If you have an item for sale, it would be great if you could start a new thread, and add something to the google spreadsheet. It doesn't really help you to add it here.


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  • @declutter: start a new thread and i'll lock it.

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