this song was made with 7up featuring Aquastep


    live guitar by Goodcat Featuring Gunn as the producer and engineer using 7up on the monome. Enjoy and please leave your thoughts and comments

  • Awesome track. +1 on seeing a video for this, espec with some monome bling.

    Thanks for posting. So nice to hear something original that 7up played a part in.

  • hey thanks you guys currently in process of shooting right now and will be rocking 7up during parts of the video forsure we have another collab track called I bleed fire up on the soundcloud as well and will be playing live shows together very soon. will be updating with dates and such later. im a huge fan of 7up I just wish I had a version that could run on a 256 that would be amazing

  • Why can't you run on 256? led overload?

    The 2011 and 2012 edition 256s can use variable led brightness with 7up and it does away with any possible blinken overload.

  • more or less the fact that a 256 is out of my price range right now unfortunately. always looking for an oppourtunity for more money so I can afford all these fun toys