w64/arc2/tetrafol/juggling live performance

  • yo! i put a picture on the show your setup thread a few weeks ago and finally got the video edited from the performances:


    i'm running tml on the w64 and arc2, and synapse on a kinect 360 camera for the improvisation at the end...

  • thanks for sharing this impressive performance. i'll be looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  • really good!

  • really awesome performance jay!! the end especially, pretty incredible how you are able to time those shaker balls. i really dug the live sampling bit as well though. congrats on the show!

  • thank you
    i enjoyed your performance very much

  • @photran - the end is actually an improvisation with my hands tracked and mapped by the kinect 360 to the volume of clips in ableton. in that way its a bit tricky to still be able to hit the beat when my hand is in the position to have the volume up on a certain part of the music, but overall the timing of the action and music is following each other live so i don't have to remember a certain choreography...

    thanks everyone for taking the time to watch and writing kind words!!!

  • Great performance. Very inventive and you're obviously seriously dedicated to your art. I really liked your use of the clubs as percussive instruments, that works really well visually and sonically. Also dug the balloon and rings sections very much, as well as your kinect improv.

    How many tertrafols have you gone through so far? :)