gear for sale in Los Angeles / US

  • Hi all,

    Unloading some gear (buying house, need funds).
    Thought I'd try here first.

    Condition on all items is "well-used but functioning".

    Would prefer to sell these locally. Will ship domestic assuming you're willing to pay shipping.

    Please email any questions/offers and include your location. Thanks!

    Monome256 #006 w/ self-performed bus-power upgrade
    Muse Receptor
    TC Electronic Fireworx
    Line6 Pod Pro
    Digidesign Command 8
    Clavia Nord Modular v1 Rack
    Jazzmutant Lemur
    McMillen QuNeo (opened but new)
    Digidesign 192 I/O
    Digidesign SSD
    Digidesign ADAT Bridge
    Creamware Pulsar II-Plus
    Mackie 1604
    Alesis 3630

  • ridding yourself of the 256 and the nord? very sad to see steve :'(