FS: GS64

  • Hey!

    For sale is a brand new june 2012 walnut 128. Its in perfect condition! Yellow LEDS...super beautiful! Sad to see it go :(

    Also for sale is a GS 64...not sure of the year i bought it off of a guy on eBay...but it is flawless as well!!

    Prices are firm, no returns accepted (paypal):

    128 = $775 + Shipping
    64 = $400 + Shipping

    Reason for selling: Acquired a 256 and need these funds to pay for it :) i do hate to see the 128 go because it is f*cking beautiful!!!!

    1296 x 968 - 385K
    1296 x 968 - 388K
  • pictures of the june 2012 walnut 128

    1296 x 968 - 541K
    1296 x 968 - 413K
    1296 x 968 - 386K
  • Hi there!
    I am interested in the 128 unit.
    Can you let me know how we can proceed with the sale?
    Where in the Midwest are you located? I am in Minneapolis.

  • walnut sold...64 still available!


    teenage engineering op-1
    maybe gs128

  • sent a whisper

  • Hi,
    Is the 64 still available? I've inquired about a couple others, but can't seem to get a response from anyone.