Top 3 - Reverb Plugins?

  • Ok - my top 3 are.

    1. 6-Rev (Native Instruments - Reaktor)
    2. Laserbrew (Native Instruments - Reaktor)
    3. SIR

  • 1. Wavearts Masterverb
    2. Audio Damage Reverance
    3. I like the Reaktor stock one, that came with the stock library. I should have never sold reaktor, i kick myself daily :(

  • Spacemaster is the stock Reaktor reverb - it's an updated version of 6 Rev. I prefer 6 Rev - its a little bit dryer and more subtle. Spacemaster is bit more fuller and creamier - but also very good.

    No i didn't eat it.

    Its worth getting Reaktor just to get access to the user library - some peoples creations are unbelievable - Laserbrew is a user made.

  • 1-Audio Ease Altiverb
    2-Audio Ease Altiverb
    3-Audio Ease Speakerphone

  • audio ease........ i truly wish........
    1. none
    2. none
    3. waves (but almost never)
    whats the sample freezer/sequencer/stock ensemble in reaktor called????
    thats the sickest sounding beast ever......

  • Where can I find 6-Rev? I have searched the Reaktor user library but could not locate it.

  • Theres a link here :

    or search under Martijn Zwartjes

  • Check out flakes in the user library - its a granular sample mangler - very very good. All the stuff by sonictwist is good.

    Allso the effects by Dieter Zobel are good especially duckdub