electrix tweaker

  • i just saw this in a gear magazine I randomally received and was like waaaaattt?
    ive never even heard this mentioned anywhere so it was completely off the radar for me (my bad if this is old news)
    electrix made some cool rack shit back in the day
    i still have the mo-fx and the vocoder (so good)
    the video says the firmwire is developed by livid


    w/o knowing anything of the functionality/feel, *looks* like it has the potential to be cool.
    has usb and midi in/out.
    4 rows of RGB monome-esque buttons
    8 drum pads

    kinda a hybrid of many different controllers


  • i think it OEM brain v1 in there from livid also.

  • that mean that u can use the monome bridge? and run a little 4 row mlr or something?

  • Would be easy to modify mlr to work on it either way ;). Can make a proper DJ orientated version of mlr utilising all it's gadgets? I'd quite like to make that actually :o although it does look like a toy.

  • it does it does. but toys can be fun too.

    was just thinking it would be cool to have some drums on the pads, a myriad of loops/sounds on the smaller buttons, fx on the push encoders/sidebuttons, volume faders, crossfade and cut on the bottom...all on one device

  • This is def on my wish list for live performance. Ticks all boxes, as long as mapping is straight forward.

  • wonder when they plan on releasing it? thought it was already out cuz i saw it in a gear magazine, but doesnt seem like it...

    on a side note, anyone seen the new maschines??? multicolored pads

  • it's sort of a Livid Block with more bells and whistles/organized with more of a DJ minded performance. I DJ'd a show this past weekend using just the Block, I will admit one extra slider would be nice on the Block.

  • @YNM - you could get one of the daisy chain add ons.


  • Just realised - i beleive this whole design is an OEM from Livid, its all livid parts...from the buttons to the knobs.