bon iver rework by i am genko

  • hey all! i've been pretty much burried in either work or getting to (re)know the monome interfase. serialosc took me by surprise!

    so anyway... this is the first song i've made using the monome again. using it in production of samples and loops in mlr and as a keyboard (via pages) to play in logic and reason. i hope you guys like it! i'm really excited to be back on the buttons.

    thank you all who supported me with their thoughts and words! i carry you in my heart always. i hope i can make you proud.

  • nice!
    thank you for sharing!

  • This music lends itself so well to this style, amazing. This will be on repeat for me, I love the reverseyness and the constant BGWWWEEEEEEOOOOOMMMMY (technical term) bassyness

    did you enter it into the contest?

  • thanks, really enjoyed it! :)