New app : C-C-Combine (not monome (yet))

  • I finished my new app finally. Thanks to those of you who helped 'beta' it a bit. I'm going to incorporate it as a 'page' in The Party Van, but I wanted to it put out as a generic app first so non monome people could get their jollies.

    Here's a video of it in action:
    Here's some software DIY stuff I've been rocking lately. (just finished putting together this vid last night)

    And some info:

    C-C-Combine is a corpus-based audio mosiacing application, built in Max/MSP, based on concatenative synthesis. Concatenative synthesis is a technique for synthesizing sounds by concatenating short samples of recorded sound. It is essentially a type of granular synthesis that, instead of playing back grains based on position/windows, plays back grains based on analysis of incoming audio. In order to do this you must have a corpus (the pre-analyzed body of sounds) and an input sound source (either incoming audio or file playback).

  • Damn! Sorry Rodrigo, I never gave you feedback on the beta version of this, I got it up and running, but was never sure exactly how it was meant to work, but now looking at your video, I realise it was working exactly as it was intended!
    Anyhow, much apology for not getting feedback to you, this is a very interesting application, which I'm not sure I know how to productively use, but will certainly be experimenting with once I get off night shift!
    Thanks again for expanding our sonic horizons Rodrigo!

  • No worries.

    I'm really digging it. It takes some tweaking of the matching parameters to get it to respond expressively with any given input source, but when it does, it's awesome.

  • It really sounds awesome! Another masterpiece from you!

    It will be very interesting to know how you plan to integrate monome controls in this software!

  • this is so weird and interesting !
    thanks, and bravo !

  • Getting into the party van will be interesting as for a standalone it's easy enough to make people drag in the corpus/analysis they want to use and wait for it to load, but the party van is all about the real time performance, so it would be ideal if all the corpuses were loaded on startup (which I can do for me, but I'll have to figure out a way so users can do that easily/automatically).

    As far as the interface goes, I'm thinking using some buttons to select corpuses probably having multiple playback engines (so you can have more than one corpus going at a time) and then maybe having the rest of the grid area dedicated to controlling matching parameters on the fly. I want it to be "playable".

    Still have to figure out the CPU load implementation first.

  • rodrigo you are a musical mastermind! thank you