I'm dj-ing a gig... send me your music!

  • Howdy fellow monomers!
    So I've got a dj gig coming up that is the longest span of time I've ever had to dj. 4 hours! woah.
    So, in that time there is plenty of space for exploration and exhibition. I'd love to share some of your music with the world out here.

    The vibe is chill IDM, so please don't send me your industrial destruction tracks :)
    I'm open to exploration, but currently my set mostly revolves around artists like Tycho, Ochre, Boards of Canada, and some of Aphex Twin's really mellowed out tracks.

    I look forward to playing your stuff at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago. And hey, if you're around, come out to the planetarium on September 20 for Adler After dark, which is where I'll be playing.

  • i suspect my musics might be apropos, maybe trending towards aphex's more disjunct works, but hey! hope the set goes well...


  • hey man, that's awesome. 4 hours is an epic set! feel free to take whatever you'd like from here:


  • me too, anything you like :)


  • right on! thanks guys, I'll be going through it all this week and picking out some things. i probably won't be recording my mix live (just to make sure my laptop doesn't die), but i'll make one after the fact and put it out in public somewherez.
    Thanks again!

  • http://soundcloud.com/tigerhouserules

    if you have any interest in anything here have at it
    i'd love to hear it regardless

  • http://soundcloud.com/sketch-artist

  • I don't know how closely I'll fit into your intended niche, but by all means, use anything you want. The whole album is free to download.


  • woo! thanks for all the responses! I'm gonna dig into these all over the course of this week. woot!

  • It just happens my ep is chill, tho not IDM per say. Here I just changed my settings to make my tracks free for you to download should you want. Good luck with your set and have fun!


  • Woo, thanks Blipsford! I've downloaded it if you'd like to switch it back to paid. I look forward to checking it out!

  • don't know if my stuff is of any use to you,
    but feel free to grab anything you like and play/mash:

    You probably want to skip the metambients-stuff.
    good luck!

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/deantaylormusic

    some of my earlier stuff is more IDM based e.g Hokori, Our Sad Campaign. Help your fine self.

  • mash away brother if you'd like a download link ill send the files to you



  • spacewulf! long time friend

    feel free to use anything if it fits your fancy


    peace hope u are doing well =)

  • hi spacew

  • Hi,


    Let us know how the set goes and what tunes you played!


  • Will do! I'm currently overloaded with music to check out. That's a great problem to have!
    and HELLO there, mr residentposer.... i see you there, posing as a non-important entity, while silently running the show...

  • hello !
    maybe some sounds from this one (?) :
    (have a good time :)

  • oooh that one's nice raja!