nord drum? anyone use(d) one?

  • thinking about copping one of these for sampling purposes, making more of my own drums with a little bit different flavor.

    anybody got one they can speak to?
    are the sounds FAT AS FUCK?
    is it cool? does it suck? pros/cons?

    mostly care about the sonic capabilities/sound design/editing capacities

    i dont care so much about the 1 output, and (atleast not at first) the drum trigger/kit/pad aspect (altho. i may try to get a little setup to learn basic drumming on down the line)

    i've always wanted a nord device, this one seems most affordable and useful to me.

  • As a huge nord fan, It looks like a a great bit of gear, my advice though - buy a micro modular instead.

  • what would u say the advantages to that would be? i dont know too much about the nord modulars, but they look a bit more complex to program, and are they tied to a computer for editing?

    nord drum seems simple enough to really freak
    for me, that is a bigger plus than more expansive yet daunting interface

  • Advantages of a modular are exactlly that - they are modular, you get it to do what you want it to do. They can look daunting at first but i assure you, you will be making sounds within a few hours. Its one of these things you can spend a lot of time with.

    If you are just looking for a drum machine then yeah it makes sense, but you can have so much more for your money... Couldn't recommend another piece of gear more than my nord modular.

    Good luck with your choice.

  • okay cool. thanks for the advice dean!

  • no problem, ive not checked for new video's on the nord drum recently. So I couldnt even suggest any 'inspiring' ones. Let me know if you buy one, or ven if you find some decent videos!

  • I've seen maybe two that hinted at the territory I'm looking for but they are mostly pretty lackluster and aimed more towards actual drummers.

  • oh dont let that put you off. The TB303 was aimed at karaoke bands!

  • yea i'm not. i know they are capable of much more than the demos.

    i was just curious if i could get some firsthand feedback from someone who had used one, maybe in a more similar context to mine.

    lol, for real karaoke bands?

  • so i got paid today/gunna sell some shit to offset the cost.
    copped the nord drum.

    gunna see if i like it, and cuz i mostly just wanted a drum machine, but i'm gunna use it to see if i really like the nord style, maybe cop a micro modular in the future

  • so i got it yesterday.

    shit is seriously crispy