256/press cafe & ableton live7

  • i´m trying to trigger any midi-instrument/soft-synth running under ableton7 (osx) with the 256/press cafe.
    256/press cafe is running > light are blinking the way i saw it on video. but how do i connect to ableton???

    thanks for any help

    stephan bodzin

  • What is the MIDI output destination specified in Press Cafe?

  • i can set it to > au dsl synth 1, to monomeserial 1, from maxmsp runtime 1 or from maxmsp runtime 2

    that´s what you mean?

  • set to 'from maxmsp runtime 1' and make an appropriate input designation in Live.

  • thanks! working :-)

    how can i synch it as slave to albeton live?

    by the way: i love the press cafe. respect for your work.

  • Sync is a little trickier. Set press cafe to send MIDI beat clock on 'from maxmsp runtime 2' and setup live to look for external sync from that same MIDI port. I don't know live very well, so I don't know where to tell you to set the sync options.

  • i´ll try that. thanks a lot. do you have a documentation for cygnet?

  • I am a recording moron. I thought I could buy a line6 device with 2 inputs. One for guitar and one for mic. I bought the ux-1. All I want to do is record my acoustic guitar (it has a pickup) and my voice (mic) separately. First a guitar track, no effects, nothin'... then, while monitoring the guitar track, record a vocal track. AM I A BAD PERSON? This software seems to require that one be or desire to be a recording engineer! Can anyone tell me at least where to look to JUST LEARN TO DO THIS BASIC THING? Thanks in advance.

  • You picked a thread from two years ago to reply in, regarding an app that doesn't record audio.

    Likewise, "this software" is better supported on a different forum altogether:

    There, you will find people with your exact setup and needs. Here, you are grasping at straws.