2012 walnut edition features

  • Hello all,

    Just a quick question...
    I am a bit unclear about the functionality of the 2012 walnut edition. From some posts I read on the forum, it seems that this edition comes with tilt functionality. In other posts I saw mention of some kind of accelerometer? (Is that the same as tilt?) In yet another post think I read that none of these features are part of that build...

    At one point I tried using the tilt calibration screen (I think in polygome), but I did not see any response from my 2012 walnut 128, so I assumed it was not there... But now am wondering if I need to investigate further.

    Could someone definitively tell me what are the features of the 2012 walnut series?

    Thank you in advance.

  • The walnut 2012's do have tilt sensors (accelerometers) but I believe you have to upgrade your version of serialosc to get the tilt working? I don't recall...but I'm also on a mac with the latest OS and that also required upgrading serialosc.

    But hardware-wise, yes the tilt sensor is there.

  • Hi guys,
    Thank you for the notes.
    So, it sounds like it should have the tilt. I did run that test, but that didn't do anything....
    What serialosc version do i need?
    When installing everything, I believe I used all the current files, and I did that just last month. Could anyone point me to the exact version of Osc I need for the tilt function to be supported?
    Thanks again!

  • Read this: http://post.monome.org/comments.php?DiscussionID=14807

    * TL:DR *
    Serialosc 1.1a works with my 2012 128. :)

    Serialosc 1.1a: http://illest.net/~will/serialosc-1.1a.mpkg.tar.gz
    Monome Test 1.2: http://docs.monome.org/lib/exe/fetch.php?media=app:monome_test_1.2.zip

  • Hi Argonaut,

    Thank you for the post and links. I am at work right now, but will check tonight and see what version I have installed. The link you posted is pretty clearly "straight from the horse's mouth" so should be the definitive test.

    I am pretty sure I saw here some instructions on how to de-install the previous Osc versions.

  • please use the most recent version available:


  • Hi Visinin,
    I will definitely look carefully into which version I have installed.
    From what is being said, I am assuming that any version from 1.1a supported the tilt functionality of the 2012 walnut series?

  • tilt is in all 2012 grids. it does send out 3 axis with much wider resolution, so the tilt calibration in older patches is a bit confusing. i need to assess an update for this situation.

  • Hi tehn,
    Is the any particular patch that is out there right now that you would recommend as best for testing tilt specifically for the 2012 grids?
    Is the test patch Argonaut suggested a good start?

  • I wonder with this new, higher resolution accelerometer if we'll see someone cobble together faux-velocity (ala iPad/iPhone garageband). There'd be inherent latency to it so it wouldn't be able to be used like a 'keyboard' (without latency) but it may be useful for certain uses/applications.

  • I checked, ran the test, and in the test patch linked above, it all appears to work just fine: tilt produces the feedback that one would expect.

    I did go back to polygome and see that, unfortunately, tilt still does not work there. I am pretty sure it was that app that got me thinking that something was not right with my grid, s generally stretta's apps work perfectly. Any thoughts as to wy this might be the case?

    And just for the sake of this conversation, I do have the serialosc-1.1a installed. Visinin suggested to install the latest version, which is 1.1e If I were to do that, do I need to uninstall the old one first? or will installing the new one overwrite the previous version automatically?


  • Ok, excellent!
    Thank you!
    Yes, am on a Mac.