Prices, supply and demand

  • Hi all,

    I'm noticing a downward trend in the resale value of monomes. Any views?

    On UK ebay in the last month:

    Walnut 128 - £400

    Walnut 64 - £160

    Walnut 64 - £241

    40h plus case - £160

    Walnut 64 - £200

    ...and looking at the trade list there seems to be quite a high supply. So is now the time to buy??

  • Oh man i was bidding on that 128, really wish i'd bid more as that was a bargain. gutted gutted gutted.

    but yes i agree. now is the time to buy.

  • A new series has also just be introduced and is coming out, so I'm sure a lot of people are 'selling to upgrade' and such.

  • true.

    if anyone else wants to sell me their 128 for £400 let me know ;-)

  • i just got a gs128 for 500$ USD!!

  • i thought the greyscales would hold there value given they are discontinued
    so i ditched a walnut 128 for £400

    and hopefully the arc will retain its value due to the buttons :)

    but generally there is some more expensive than others

    i'm a valuer and the phrase is "its only worth what somebody wants to pay"