wherer's thecovertoperators.org ???

  • i wanted to download the snapshot device, but can't reach the site anymore?

    did it move?

  • No clue. We're not the covert operators.
    Nor are we google.

  • ohhh snap. You two get your boxing gloves, but be fair. No nutshots (I'm looking at you GTZ) and trppng, no more biting whilst in the in ring.


  • :-)

    just thought anyone here might now.
    or anyone having the file wants to share?

  • Well, if we've ruled out nut shots, I'll have to forfeit. Y'all know I'm no good in a fair fight.

  • Nut shots are more frowned upon than anything. Will you two fight or kiss already? Otherwise I'm just sitting here with popcorn like a jackass.

  • Be it fighting or kissing, we've already given away my best move. I just don't see how this is gonna work out.

  • Looks like they are now defunct. All the CovOps links look like skeleton sites. It's a shame, they had some neat live packs and whatnot.

    (a serious reply? on the monome forum? Nooooo...)

  • http://www.mediafire.com/?cvl8c5yypaad183

    Try the link above, its from their m4l collection pack which should have the morpher in it. Have uploaded to mediafire to post here. Let me know if theres any problem in grabbing the file.

  • Perhaps the way back machine can be of help:


    Edit: Tested one of the downloads from the most recent snapshot and it worked, I just don't have to software to use it.

  • thanks a lot!

  • and no:
    no fighting tonight.