saving changes with MaxMSP

  • just bought maxmsp to be able to save my changes. but... i can´t find a way to save it as mxb file.

    any ideas?

    stephan bodzin

  • hi stephan.

    to which changes are you referring?

  • hi!

    stuff like all the midi-routing, notes, ect... simply all i can change.

  • are you referring to a specific patch? if you are building, you should look at the coll objects and the preset objects.

    presets like file and group data in patches like mlr don't get saved to the actual patch, but rather the text file that has all of the file info gets saved. thus, the process to save your presets is different than the process to save your patches.

  • Hi

    Just a quick question how do you open the saved presets in mlr?

  • @linksys

    save and recall file I/O by going to options.

    save and recall presets using the loaded files by using the preset section. the top row of buttons is like a cursor, where you can select any of the preset slots, store the current configuration into that preset slot, insert a preset slot before the current selected preset slot, or recall the selected preset slot. the bottom row is for quickly switching between different preset slots. slot slot slot.


    check out the documentation. it will tell you all about what an mxb file is, how 'preset' and 'coll' objects work, and how they can be used to save settings. try copying mlr to a new folder, and rip it apart, find out how tehn allows a user to flick between different settings by seeing how it is patched, and looking up the objects used int he documentation. if you manage to do it that way, you will have learnt many things, which is a good thing.
    oh, btw, are you the Stephan Bodzin who plays using a Lemur? if so, what's the transition like from lemur to monome?!

  • thanks for that simioliolio!!

  • hey simioliolio,

    thanks a lot for your help!!! i´m going crazy here because of zero time for getting into all that stuff.. :-)

    and actually i´m working on a setup with the 40h, the 256 and 2 lemur controlling live7 and and the instruments triggert by the monomes. love all this stuff for live...

    what coud be the best way to switch between different mxp-apps while playing live? is there a way to route mxp-programm-changes to a midi controller wich i route to a lemur???

    thanks in advance,


  • route midi control messages from a lemur to max msp to change the patch being used? probably....... well i would hope so anyway, considering how much they cost (!).

    i dont know much about the lemur, but i know it is definitely possible to change parameters in max msp. you need to build a lemur patch which will send out midi/osc data, be picked up in max msp, and make a change accordingly.

    as you mention above, changing sound sets and settings in mlr would be possible if you got the outgoing data from the lemur into max msp, and used it to load/change presets in the same way as the mouse does. delve into the way that brian has written it, and how you can apply your own messages to make the same actions.

    now if you are talking about changing between different monome applications, this is possible using 'switcher'. see the page i made on the applications wiki. unfortunately, you must make sure that each monome application does not share the same send and receive argument, and this is all explained on the wiki page. it would be easy to use data from the lemur to switch patches, as it just has to change the number in a counter box.

    also bear in mind quadrants for your 256. 256 and a 40h, isn't that overkill?! i'm sure someone on this forum would love to buy your 40h! i suppose you can never have too many controllers........

    but you say you are using monomes as controllers for instruments in live. could you explain this further?